12.12.12. A Great Awakening, New Vision & New Moon in Sagittarius

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12/12/12 marks the last new moon (dark night-no moon) of 2012. Many believe, in accordance with the Mayan Calendar, that this New Moon of December 13th and pinnacle date of December 21st is a monumental passage into the “New World”. This New Moon in Sagittarius, and 2012 mark a turning point, the end of an almost 26,000-year cycle that correlates with the ending of the Mayan Calendar and several other prophecies of our times.

The transformative forces of 12/12 and 12/21 stimulate this New Moon in Sagittarius. Although the number 12 does signify completion, this is not the end of the world. It is a period that symbolizes a great awakening and the ending of a very long cycle based in a patriarchal system.

According to the Mayan prophecies, as we approach December 21st, we are in the final days of operating within the “4th dimension” and the transition into the “5th dimension”, or “The New World”, where it is believed to be a new dimension in consciousness, where higher levels of awareness, compassion, emotional wellbeing, and heart expansion exist.

The correlating planetary configurations of these times are like doorways in the heavens and our consciousness that are opening. There is an awareness being revealed to humanity to ascend into higher states of consciousness. We are called to move from division and greed to unity and the divine, to balance the light and dark, the feminine and masculine principles at an accelerated rate of evolution. Although an accelerated rate of evolution is often caused by cataclysmic events, there is always a choice in how we perceive our circumstances and events.

On 12/12/12, as we move through the final hours of darkness before the New Moon initiates another new emotional cycle, it is a wonderful time to reflect on any parts of our consciousness we are ready to let go of and transmute. With the last mercury retrograde in Scorpio and the planet Saturn recently moving into Scorpio, we may have recently had a heightened awareness of our shadow; darker parts of our self we have been in denial about now come to the surface for purification. The more we purify our shadow, and shine a light into our consciousness; we are able to open our hearts and awareness to the light like never before.

After the New Moon forms, the planet Uranus ends its retrograde phase for the year, supporting another leap forward as well. Uranus rules Aquarius, the archetype of liberation, innovation, our higher selves and genius thoughts. Projects and ideas we have been brewing over and tweaking move with more momentum as Uranus goes direct.

On December 20th-22nd, Jupiter the Planet ruling Sagittarius, forms a Yod “finger of God” aspect to Pluto at 8’ Capricorn and Saturn and 8’ Scorpio. This symbolism shows us the opening of another fated doorway that is motivating us to transcend the constraints of our parental, religious, and societal programming.

This initiation process involves periods of seclusion in the darkness where visions can happen.  During this time it is crucial to be clear about our choices, intentions and visions for the future. Are we choosing love or fear? Will we choose the programing of our parental and society conditioning or become the co-creators of our destiny? Now more than ever, our choices will determine how we are experiencing this extraordinary and transformative time of our lives.

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