Ready for Another Quantum Leap in Consciousness?

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To think that only a few hundred years ago it was believed the earth was flat and the center of the universe …how far we have evolved our way of thinking since then!

“The individuals constitute only a small minority in relation to the masses of mankind, but because our society is now passing through a state of crisis with a potential of global disaster or radical transformation the number of individuals (Uranus) who are aspiring to a really new and at least relatively transcendent state (Neptune) of being is steadily increasing. These individuals are experiencing a profound dissatisfaction with present-day conditions not only of living but also of thinking and feeling.” -Dane Rudhyar

There are “seed groups” in the collective consciousness that have, and continue to progress society and the masses of mankind into a state of positive evolution. (If you are still reading this you are possibly one of the seed people.) Throughout history, these seed groups have always been the minority of mass consciousness. The mass consciousness or majority typically “goes with the flow of the herd” -so to speak.

When individuals from the “seed groups” step outside of mass consciousness and gain momentum in new directions, and uncharted territory, that new and innovative thought patterns are created. A great example that illustrates this point, is the sport of snowboarding. I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and he was telling me about his experience when he first started snowboarding. It was in 1985 in Brettonwoods, New Hampshire and he was the first snowboarder ever to ride this particular mountain. They had announced over the park’s loudspeaker that he would be riding the mountain amongst the skiers and they should ride cautiously when near him. He remembered that most of the guests turned their noses up at him and some even spit at him!

There were a couple curious, brave souls that were truly fascinated and eventually joined in. (He also happens to be an Aquarius, which makes perfect sense with this particular story, as this is the phenomenon of Aquarius -The inventor, the innovator, the rebel.)  As you may know now, snowboarding is as popular as skiing is today. I was just at Breckenridge this Christmas and from what I saw there were about an equal number of snowboarders to skiers.

With Uranus (the planet that rules Aquarius) entering the sign Aries, there will be ever-increasing opportunities for “new ways of being” and “thinking in bold and courageous ways” available to us if we open our minds to the possibilities. One of the exciting themes of the times we are living in (Expression of planets placements: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto) is the potential for the “seed groups” to expand and accelerate at a rapid rate.

Just think of it…in a sense time has sped up! Communication and the ability to connect, is at the tip of our fingertips. For this fact alone, we can see how our rate of progression and evolution is moving at an ever-increasing rate. Therefore, the potential for the expansion in human consciousness is also progressing. Where once the human population may have been divided into a general grouping of; 70% status quo mind state, 20% individual mind state, & 10% spiritual mind state.. Now the numbers of these groupings are also forever expanding; (ex: 50% status quo, 30% individual, and 20% spiritual).

Therefore, what was once a “minority way of thinking” can potentially turn into the “majority way of thinking” through communication and our ability to connect and inspire one another. (Power to the people)

In the times to come, there will be more opportunities for people of like mind, to come together and form NEW WAYS of relating to one another and the world.


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