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Aquarius Rising has many meanings for me but most importantly it is about the new era, the new age, and the new paradigm that we are living in and apart of creating now. I am a firm believer that one of the most powerful ways we can contribute to making the world a better place is doing our inner work, finding peace within ourselves and sharing that with the world.

I come from the perspective we all have a pearl of inner wisdom and light that guides us. I also believe we were born with the gift of free will to create our reality to the best of our ability. Having an astrological road map to help navigate through this life with more self- awareness is definitely a helpful tool though! Using astrology, I help clients understand their energetic blueprint and life lessons. I have been deeply fascinated and actively studying and practicing astrology for over twenty years now. I studied with Jeffery Green, author of Pluto, the evolutionary journey of the soul from 1996 to 2001. Since then, I have had many amazing teachers and mentors that I continue to learn from. I use astrology as a tool for insight and objectiveness. I do not consider myself psychic, but instead, I use it as a road map for more awareness and clarity.

Learning to truly love ourselves and heal any emotional or mental stress is the key ingredient to creating a life we love regardless of our astrology. This is sometimes a harder and longer process than we would like but definitely possible.

I become a certified co-active life coach in 2009 and find that incorporating a coaching dialogue with an astrology reading allows clients to stay in their power and engaged throughout a reading. The Astrology readings I offer can include, birth chart interpretation, transits, progressions and compatibility synastry interpretations. The method of coaching with an astrology reading allows clients to stay in the driver’s seat as they create a life they love! 

Astrology Readings Includes a computerized printout of charts and report. 

Please send me an email to receive more information if you are interested in an astrological reading or life coaching session. Wishing you many blessings and peace on your journey.

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