I have been studying the soft science and poetic language of astrology for over twenty years. I have had amazing teachers that I will continue to quote.

Astrology has given me more self-awareness, a road map to see synchronicity, to make sense of what seems like chaos. The universal energy is always available to help us.

I have had many areas of study, rich life experiences, and traveled far and wide both physically and metaphysically.  I will continue to share with you how the heavens can guide us, help us see the bigger picture while staying grounded on planet earth.

I hope you join me in this conversation through my blogs and video posts. I don’t have all the answers and I always want to encourage you to make your own choices.

I have never called myself psychic but I can share with you energetic forecasts, what has worked well for me and what has not. I intend to make this experience fun because laughing is often the best medicine.

I do offer personal Astrology and coaching sessions.

I always want the person I am reading for to feel like they are in the driver’s seat. Often when we start talking about astrology it is easy to feel as life is happening to us. Although we cannot completely control how life shows up for us we can keep choosing how we respond and this is how we can make it conscious astrology for the dawning of a new era.

Aquarius Rising is about the times we are living in. As the Pisces Age is ending, a New Age is being born. Aquarius is liberating, wild, innovative, experimental, it is about coming together as the collective and so much more I will continue to share here.

I see us all waking up to this new era. Let us inspire each other, be more conscious and connected on this journey together.

Readings offer:

  • A better understanding of your personality traits and why you operate the way you do
  • A forecast for the themes and lessons life is presenting you
  • Tips and tools for being the creative designer of your life

Do you want to learn Astrology?

  • Online course coming soon


30 minutes $70.00

60 minutes $130.00

90 minutes $220.00

Please send me an email to receive more information & set up an appointment

Jennifer Day





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