Feng Shui

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Feng shui, sometimes called “the art of placement,” is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging your home and office into a creative, fortunate and comfortable living environment. Feng shui consultations assist you in achieving success in all the important areas of life. When your home or office has good feng shui, you are more likely to find happiness and fulfillment in romance, work, finances, family, creativity and so on.

The Ba Gua, which is a kind of energy map (above), can be used for any kind of space. There is a Ba Gua for your entire property, house, apartment and office. There is also a Ba Gua for each room in your home and so on.  The Ba Gua map divides any space into eight sections surrounding a central area called the Tai Chi or the energy center. For a very general read, place the Ba Gua map over the structure (home, office, room). The front door is located along the bottom line of the Ba Gua (front left, front middle, front right) and will be positioned in one of the lower Guas: Knowledge, Career or Helpful People.

The Career & Life Mission area concerns your life path and social connections in work and business

The Wisdom, Knowledge  & Education area has to do with formal education as well as spirituality and self-awareness.

The Family, Health, & Community area includes your relatives as well as close friends and people you let into your family life; this area can also relate to initiating new projecting.

The Wealth & Prosperity area is about “fortunate blessings” in any form, not just financial; your ability to receive is reflected here.

The Fame & Reputation area has to do with how others perceive you; it is also about self-perception, your vision of the future and inspiration of any form.

The Marriage & Relationship area includes romantic relationships; business partnerships, mothers and mother figures, and your ability to care for yourself and receive nurturing form others.

The Mentors & Travel area includes the assistance you receive form others, as well as the support that you provide. This area can also represent your father and other male authority figures.

The Energy Center or the Tai Chi area relates to your overall health and life balance; whatever happens here affects all the other areas as well.

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