Heart Perspectives

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Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

Heart Perspectives…

Look for opportunities to show your gratitude.

Who can I appreciate today? How can I appreciate them?

Create a gratitude Ritual.

As part of your daily spiritual practice, remember to thank God each day for a blessing in your life. Go into your heart and send your love and gratitude. Feel the return current over your entire being flowing from your heart to the source of all life.

Create a gratitude folder or journal~

Sometimes we do not recognize the gifts and good qualities we have. We tend to belittle ourselves. One way to remedy this is to keep a folder or journal where you specifically note your spiritual successes- the times when you expressed your higher nature.

If someone thanks you for something special that you did for them, or you finally managed to reprogram your inner software not to react when someone pushes your buttons, or you make a real difference in someone’s life, make note of it. As you make that note, give thanks for giving a gift that you could pass on to others. If you are tempted to get down on yourself, open your folder and read.”     ~Prophet, Creative Abundance

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