We Are One

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Photo: Rober Moses Joyce

Counterparts and comrades, earth to earthlings,

Listen what this message brings, in this inner-web that sings.

Grooving to the sounds now your senses open wide.

Maybe catch a glimpse as our counter parts collide.

Catch your breath in the depths of collective consciousness.

Flex the effects of individuality, living in duality.

Moments in infinity – connect to divinity.

One plus two equals three, is the trinity.

Collectively we be- Collectively we be.

In the infinite abyss we are an element of this.

Close your eyes make a wish.


Blow a kiss.

Trips to the moon cause skies is the limit.

Exhibt what you feel let your essence be revealed!

Collectively we be- Collectively we be.

Because, We are one, We are one.

No matter where you’re going  or where you’re coming from

WE ARE ONE…………………………………………..


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