Holistic Nutrition- Creating a Better You

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One needs to take into account the body, mind and spirit, when creating long lasting results that one desires.  Regarding the body: I am a firm believer that the foods we eat have a huge impact on how we are feeling, and our overall ability to function at our best. Good nutrition and consistent exercise become major focuses in our lives when we are on a healing track and out to live a life that is a full expression of who we truly are. I always encourage the people I work with to eat organic and healthy choices whenever possible. I have helped several clients put systems and approaches to food and exercise in place, in order for them to optimize their health and life.

The first time I really took my diet seriously was when I was living in Los Angeles back in 1997. I was experiencing a lack of energy, inability to think clearly, poor skin conditions, poor digestion and the onset of many food allergies. I was always tired and did not have the energy or motivation to follow through with what I needed or even wanted to do. While visiting my chiropractor, she muscle tested me and recommended I drastically change my diet.

Initially, I did not want to believe that needed to stop eating the foods I loved. I decided to get a second opinion from a “real doctor”. When seeing my regular doctor, the only suggestion he made was to take an antibiotic to rid myself of the poor skin condition. I was happy to take the pill and make it all go away, but now I had more questions, questions that were not being answered by western medicine.

I went back to my Chiropractor’s office to learn that, I could take the antibiotic and the symptoms would vanish, but only for a short period, because I was not really curing the problem, only masking the symptom. Furthermore, that little white pill was hard on my liver and digestive track.

My chiropractor at the time had many more answers for me and directed to me books like, Eat Right for Your Blood Type and Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing. It turns out that all the antibiotics I took as a kid and processed foods I snuck behind my mom’s back, were contributing to my symptoms.

Finally convinced, I wholeheartedly took my first plunge into a healthy, holistic, and nutritional diet, designed for my specific blood type and symptoms. Wow, was that ever enlightening! Once I got over the cravings that I thought were going to kill me, I realized that a healthy diet was in fact, possible. After a few weeks on my new diet, my skin cleared up and my over all digestion, fatigue and sleeping patterns drastically improved. It was like a whole new me emerged.

Nowadays, an estimated 80% of the population has some form of allergies that is contributed to bad eating habits.

Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing; 4th Edition

The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat; By Loren Cordain

The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics: A Philosophy for achieving a Radiant Mind and a Fabulous Body  By Jessica Porter

Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight By Peter J. D’Adam

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