July Mercury Retrograde & Eclipses 2019 _Be ready for change

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Mercury retrograde at 4* Leo July 7th-8th could feel like a twister game gone complicated and bring surprising events because it is coupled with a solar and lunar eclipse happening in Cancer and Capricorn this month.

Often people are fearful of mercury retrograde periods; of unexpected changes and breakdowns in technology, travel and communications (areas of mercury). This period can definitely be a test of not being too attached to the original plan, but the bright side is, break-downs usually lead to break-throughs. Also, a new operating system, an upgraded form of technology and communication can be better once in place.

The Solar Eclipse on July 2, in Cancer, tends to bring necessary adjustments in course of action. Solar eclipses tend to be a little more gentle in nature (than lunar eclipses) and can bring positives changes to the plan but none the less, being open to adjustments is the best advice for personal fulfillment. The Lunar Eclipse on July 15th-16th in Capricorn should be noted to take more caution. This is not a good time to rush into agreements, make major decisions or agree to negotiations before knowing all the details.

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If you have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury) in Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries within 5 degrees of the solar and lunar eclipse you will notice the eclipses more so. Slower moving planets can be noted as well.

Generally speaking, this period is best handled by being open to revising the plan, be ready for breakdowns but also wonderful break-throughs! It is better to not launch a new business plan, or set something into motion for the first time during this period. Better this is a time to rethink the plan, redo the business plan or take time to receive new ideas, insights or a better way of going about and handling situations.

Eclipses and mercury retrograde are nothing to be fearful of, rather be open to what’s no longer working and what needs to be upgraded. People may come and go during this period or relationships reach new levels of understanding or we reach a tipping point in areas of life we are no longer willing to tolerate.

Because the archetypes of Cancer and Capricorn are being magnified in this cycle, lessons around becoming more emotionally responsible for ourselves is key. As children we naturally expect our parents to care for us. If you had to fend for yourself earlier in childhood and did not get to experience being a child fully, we can have displaced emotions as an adult and sometimes have child-like emotions as adults. Maybe this sounds like someone you know?

During these cycles, we can be thrown back upon ourselves to be our own source of love and support. It can be painful, especially when we think we have comfort in someone or something that turns out, to not be the comfort it once was. The more we become our own source of love and take emotional responsibly for ourselves the more others are drawn to us and we are called to be in leadership roles (Capricorn) and become the lighthouse for others.

May the next cycle of eclipses and this mercury retrograde period bring you breakthroughs, and upgrades that lead you to empowerment and being the captain of your own ship with destinations to more beautiful places you have been to yet!

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