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Ceremonies appeal to something deep inside of us that longs for expression.  They reach deep inside of us and touch our spirituality.  When ceremonies become a part of everyday life, we can experience feelings of deep contentment and belonging. Children naturally create ceremonies.  Some people go to religious worship for ceremonies, and others prefer to create their own.  You can take something as simple as brushing your teeth and create a ceremony around it if you decide that the time you brush your teeth is going to be the time when you focus your attention on something you want to create or change in your life.  This is how you start to make your life sacred.

The more often a ritual or ceremony is repeated, the more powerful it becomes.

You can make things sacred, bond with things, and love them and enjoy them, and your life will be richer for it. I am a great one for making things special, but the trick to it is doing it without attachment. You can have a special crystal but realize you can never own it. It belongs to the planet. You can use it while are in a physical body, you can even bequeath it to someone after you die, but ultimatley it will return to the planet from whence it came just as you will return to sprit from whence you came.
You can create consecration ceremonies for anything that is special to you by tuning in to it and intuiting what would be appropriate.”

Karen Kingston author of Creating Sacred Space

Photo: Gerry Berry Land Art

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