Mercury Retrograde In Taurus 2017 & Through The Houses

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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus April – May 20017

Mercury goes retrograde for about three weeks, three times a year so its nothing to be worried about. It is a natural flow of the universe’s cosmic clock inviting us to review and renew in areas of communication, technology and travel. As with all astrology and transits, it is an opportunity for more awareness and learning.

A great starting point is to know your natal chart signs and your rising or ascendant sign. This way you will know what house Taurus in on in your natal chart. You can become more familiar with which house or houses mercury is making it’s transit for you personally this cycle. If you have not had your chart done, contact me. I am currently offering short 30 min sessions with a print out of your chart so you can become more familiar with the basics if you are not already. Once you have a basic understanding of your natal chart, you have a cosmic-map into a higher realms of consciousness for a more self-aware journey.

Find the symbol Taurus in your chart, this is the house Mercury is currently visiting during its retrograde cycle.
Mercury Retrograde in the 1st house
Mercury transiting your first house can signify a time that you want to focus back in on your independence and self. There can be a cosmic nudge that its time to take care of you and possibly be on solo mission as you review, renew and rewire a new you. Learning to speak your truth while expressing your freedom and independence within relationships is the lesson now.

Mercury Retrograde in the 2nd house
As Mercury is transiting your 2nd house your attention naturally draws to  reviewing, rediscovering, redefining, and reevaluating what is really important to you, and what you value. How are you earning a living? How you have been spending or investing your money?   You may enter into negotiations around possessions, property or the bottom line. This is a great time to look where you can take your power back if you have not been fully honoring your own self worth in some area of life. You may need to stand firm and as a result, make a situation work out for the better in doing so. The 2nd house and taurus also rules are natural gifts or an inherent ability you have. Being a musician, teacher of a subject, dancer, artist…Whatever it might be this is an excellent time to continue to refine your skills, continue to master your natural abilities and talents to another level of mastery.

Mercury Retrograde in the 3rd house
Mercury transiting the third house focuses on communications, and your intellect. This time can emphasize you writing, and expressing yourself and perspective.  Renegotiating contracts, redesigning agreements can also be a focal point now. Getting out in the world, taking a road trip, and meetings with like minded people can continue to expand your intellectual horizons. Missed information from the past or a deeper understanding of something you value deeply can come to the surface of your consciousness now for review and renegotiation. You may also be inspired to express your self through writing, music ventures or picking up an old project you have a renewed sense of inspiration about.

Mercury Retrograde in the 4th house
This is a time of intellectual withdrawal to review issues close to home or family.  Concentration can be about something regarding or valuing a family member, your home or intimate affairs. Something that has happened in the past comes up for review, hopefully to be resolved.  Your emotional security is up for review. It is important to take plenty of time to process your deep emotional nature and express your innermost emotions to those close to you. These discussions may be with your parents or family members. Having written discussions through this process can be helpful for a deeper reflection process now.

Mercury Retrograde in the 5th house
This is a time when attention flows to fun, creativity, and children. This can be a great time for vacation, celebration, games and fun times. This is generally a great time to express your joy, leadership and creative qualities. With mercury retrograde here, a review process can be happening in these areas; looking where you can invite more joy and creativity into you life now.

Mercury retrograde in the 6th house
Attention naturally draws to work, duties, health, and healing. This is an excellent time to reinvigorate a health regime, get back into that yoga class and make time for relaxing baths, meditation and prayer. Also areas and details in the work front can up for review. Attention to the details or reviews in the work area are likely now. This can ultimately prove to be an upgrade and improvement in the end.

Mercury retrograde in the 7th house
This is a great time to negotiate, clarify and work out issues with a intimate partner, friend or business partner. Discussing difficulties while expressing your point of view and closely listening to other’s point of view now. Harmony towards others is key. Often you can accomplish more together.  Old friends or unresolved issues from the past can come up for review around partnerships, but ultimately this is a great time to explore what each of you values and the ultimate desired outcome. You may also have an opportunity to consul, advise and help others with being that sound board and nonjudgmental friend they need.

Mercury retrograde in the 8th house
Your deep psychological patterns can come to the surface for review now. Issues around trust, other people’s commitment, money, and investments are often highlighted. Often there is a death of something or a sacrifice that needs to be made when the 8th house is activated. This cycle can magnify complex issues involving others, while personally investigating something deep within your own habits and psychology. Often letting go of something, some bad habit, some sort of attachment is necessary for a metamorphosis to occur now.  Mercury retrograde is offering you more insights and clues to the ultimate transformation of a situation once and for all. Your Intellectual encounters can have profound effect on you regarding finances, property and joint ventures. Take your time as this is a transformative process.

Mercury retrograde in the 9th house
Expanding the mind through travel, adventure, education, ceremony, and philosophy are the focal point now.  Exploration to higher truths and new realms is where this mercury retrograde will dare you to visit. Once we have mastered an area of study we are able to set the book down and let our intuitive nature lead the way. Often when we know something naturally or intuitively the challenge can be explaining and ultimately teaching our truth, hunch and intuition to others. This Mercury retrograde in Taurus cycle through your 9th house can offer you a deeper download of information that is pushing you to embrace a depth of your inner wisdom to higher more insightful way as you journey to new realms this Mercury retro cycle.

Mercury retrograde in the 10th house
Your professional life is up for discussion. This can be a great time to refine a skill, take a class or have discussions with co-workers and colleagues about how to improve and continue to advancement in your professional life. Often morals and what others value can become an important discussion in your professional world. Having your ultimate purpose in alignment with your professional goals can lead to a profound fulfillment. Reflecting on your ultimate professional mission during this period will prove to bring benefits as the year progresses. This is the time to review and renew so when Mercury goes direct you have a new sense of direction and purpose for moving forward more powerfully. Communications on the job may have more significance now. Be careful to take plenty of time to review details and clean up any break-downs in communication professionally. You will reap benefits later for this careful review period.

Mercury retrograde in the 11th house
Reviewing your goals and the areas of communities and groups of friends. Mercury retrograde here may invite you to investigate if your personal goals and values are in alignment with your current community. Talking over your perspectives in a group setting can possibly offer you insights, innovative idea or a renewed way of looking at things. Innovation, experimentation, and increased social communication are highlighted as you reassess larger social groups on the whole.

Mercury retrograde in the 12th house
This can be another time for a more inward journey as Mercury retrograde transits your 12th house. If you are more inclined to mystical experiences this is a wonderful time for dream journaling, meditation, yoga, long quite walks in nature and visualization practices. Researching a particular topic can also prove to be enlightening. The 12th house can also highlight experiences with the sick, mentally challenged, addictions of all kinds and delusional behavior. The 12th house has a connection with other dimensions of reality and where we can have a more activated manifestation power; when the 12th house is activated it is important we protect our sensitive side in a grounded perspective of light & love. If fear, sadness or depression creeps in this is a good sign its important to retreat, protect and focus back in on healing practices.

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