Moon’s nodes in LEO/AQUARIUS & August Solar Eclipse 2017 -2018

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The moon’s nodes have officially moved into LEO & AQUARIUS for the next 18 months.

Looking at nodal placement is a key step in understanding the bigger picture of the astrological clock that is forever shifting and delivering a “new now” in our evolutionary development. The nodal access marks the moons path in the sky. There is no actual celestial mass in the sky where the nodes are but they look like a set of headphones

in your birth chart. The South node in your natal chart (upside down head phones) symbolizes the past what is familiar, an area we have possibly mastered. The north node (upright head phones) symbolizes what we are working towards in this life, one of our emphasized future intents or goals in this life.  If you have any planets squaring (90 degree angle) your nodal access in your birth chart, this too can be very telling for areas that need extra care or focus; these can be areas of unfinished business that must be addressed before mastering the south node and moving towards the north node completely.

The nodes have been in Virgo and Pisces for the past 18 months so this is a significant overall shift in the energies. The last time the nodes where in LEO and Aquarius was 1999 and 2000. Reflecting on that time period may give you some clues for what could be similar themes, and lessons for the next 18 months.

The house cusp you have Leo and Aquarius in your natal chart is where the nodes are transiting and will be an area of focus for you personally. This will give you much more personalized information about the next 18 months.

With the North Node now in Leo which is ruled by the sun we are very much called to fire up our inner creative sprit. The majestic symbol of the Lion calls us to be courageous and fierce. With the south node in Aquarius the continuation of ushering in the New 2000 year Age of Aquarius is highlighted. Where innovation, social groups, communities, new inventions, and new ways of doing things will continue to unfold the dawning of this new era; There will be many opportunities to keep your creative light lit brightly while moving forward with personal creative missions.

This period is also highlighted because the north node is on the royal star Regulus where we also see a solar eclipse on August 21st crossing over the United States for the first time in 99 years. The royal star Regulus is at the heart of the lion constellation and can inspire us to shine bright, and to lead by example. We will be called to give to the group (Aquarius south node) but in our own creative way (Leo north node). When we come together in our communities in light and leadership we can alter destiny and creatively design the masterpieces of our lives individually and collectively.

The Grand Fire Trine Between Uranus, Saturn, and the North Node in May & June is also  significant flow of energy, bringing a blessing of harmony and hope to ultimately liberate  (Uranus) the Status quo (Saturn) in new creative ways (Leo North Node). This is likely to happen quickly and in ways we have not seen or experienced before. The August Solar Eclipse energies can definitely change the direction of our lives significantly.


Stay positive, shine bright for it should be a exciting and eventful summer to say the least.


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