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“This New Moon will show us how to generate power on the physical plane. This activates everything that’s been building since April 2009 that opened up between May 2010 and Jan 2011, initiating a new chapter of life for almost all of us. This is a “firm quickening,” so follow “the God within” and get it in gear!! Because it’s so strongly action oriented, be patient as you push the rapidly ending past into a rapidly developing future.

This New Moon in Aries is active, quickening, one-pointed, and will jump a lot into high-speed motion, so expect things to develop faster than you imagined! This is the final “purging of the old way,” and opens the door to great power and concentrated doses of spiritual energy. Finding an intuitive, forgiving, and/or compassionate view, understanding, or way of coordinating events is crucial in knowing what to do and when.

Due to the on-going Pisces energies, we continue to close out the end of the end and are in the direct experience of recent beginnings being powered up in very dynamic ways. Though there will still be a sense of emotional finality or even heaviness during the next month, the more we can forgive, bless, say goodbye, and flow onward into new fields of life the better it will feel. Sometimes we just have to move on, get it on, and stay in motion since to fight the flow would be impossible.

This Lunation is the newest boost in the energies of the new life experience that has its roots in the new archetypes that came forth in between late 2009 and early 2011, when there were a series of conjunctions in Aries portending what we’re about to focus on to a greater degree than we have since then.

This New Moon is dynamic, active, and is fairly focused and concentrated in its effects. We can expect huge new developments wherever we have Aries in our charts, so get ready to generate power, follow through on whatever is fulfilling itself, and welcome the powerful new spiritual energies pouring into our minds. Be receptive to having your mind shaped by spiritual energy, and you will reap “good fortune” to the degree you put forth the correct effort at the right time.

Saturn continues to set up situations where we’ll all be introduced into more complex, intense, and/or deep relationships. We are now launched fully into the lessons of 2013 involving us meeting others at the highest possible level of social interaction rather than with an “everyday” type of attitude.

The next 4 weeks will open up very quickly now that the inner planets conjuncted Uranus in Aries and electrified our individuality into manifestation. Here we’ve begun the end game of letting go of the ghosts of the past, and can wholeheartedly embrace the new set of initiatives we’ve been dancing around the past two years.” by Robert Wilkinson

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