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We have had a heavy bout of Scorpio energy lately so the sun recently moving into Sagittarius and now the New Moon in Sagittarius this December 2nd, 2013, we can start to dance off the blood, sweat and tears of the depths we have been swimming in or maybe even drowning in. Although, the dance is now in the flames of Sagittarius fire; Not to fool ourselves into thinking it is going to be all rainbows and sunflowers from here on out.

Unless you are totally asleep or unconscious I am guessing you might have learned something about yourself this past month.  Scorpio has away of doing that, it also has a tendency to teach us about whom we can and cannot trust… Fun stuff.  With all the personal growth of delving into our inner phycology we can crawl out of the cocoon, flap our wings and now have a whole new perspective on things with this New Moon in Sagittarius.

As we fly around seeking to find our place in all of it, seeking the answers to life’s riddles, we need to have faith, believe in our principles, in order to connect the dots.

Deep and raw experiences let us try on our truth, purpose and core ethics. Once we are able to speak and share our truth with other adult human-beings the real transformation of Scorpio takes place, sometimes whether we like it or not.

The planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Jupiter is currently in Cancer.  What does this symbolism want to teach us?  Basically we have a very real opportunity now to heal any outmoded beliefs connected to our emotional bullshit. Whoo-hoo…More fun stuff!

What did we learn from our parental enviroment that we are still  playing out?
And that may not be working anymore?
What part of the patriarchal system we live in is failing us?
What are we really defending?
What would it take to be responsible for our emotional life and experience true love?
Have fun. Sweet dreams.

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