Solar Eclipse – September 1st, 2016

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Clinton Melander Photography

Clinton Melander Photography

Solar Eclipse at 9° Virgo ~ September 1st, 2016

Mercury retrograde at 29° Virgo ~ August 30th, 2016 – September 22nd 2016 at 14° Virgo.



We have officially kicked off eclipse season! The September 1st, 2016 Solar Eclipse is more notable because at 9° of Virgo, the sun opposes the yearlong transit of Saturn Square Neptune and the Moon’s nodes in Pisces and Virgo.  (See previous posts for more insights.)

The archetypes of Pisces and Virgo have to do with crisis and/or healing, depending where on the conscious spectrum you fall. Opportunities to heal and connect to our higher-self, and the spirit-world can prove to be more exhilarating, profound and made tangible in new ways now.

Eclipse energies tend to accelerate events, cause fluctuations, radical or unexpected changes. (Especially when personal planets are within five degrees or making an exact aspect to the eclipse degree, in this case at 9° Virgo.) Eclipse energies can last for weeks and even months after the day of the actual eclipse.

Often the events that happen the week of a powerful eclipse can give clues to what the areas of focus will be in the months ahead.

Because Mercury just went retrograde at 29° Virgo, this eclipse will likely give us opportunities to review, reassess, and renew (these are retrograde themes) areas of life we are ready for a deeper understanding. We can have “wake-up call” experiences in areas of life we have possibly gone unconscious or where we have been delusional, can become clear to us now. Letting go and forgiveness are helpful key steps during this cycle. Profound renewal and new openings for richer, spiritual self-realization can occur now.

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