Super Moon In Taurus -Is my life a reflection of what I value?

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This particular super full moon of November 14th, 2016 is in Taurus and is the biggest, brightest and closest super-moon since January 26th, 1948. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and correlates to what we value. Our desires and ultimately the goals we set for ourselves reflect what we value. Have you done a current goal inventory? This is a great way to discover what your core values are. It is important to truly understand what our needs (values) are, in order to have a sense of meaning for our life. When our life has meaning, then we have a purpose, which is the real energy to keep moving forward.
Values are hot topic as the United States presidential election just came to pass. Many were surprised at the outcome of President elect, Donald Trump. There is clearly a collective divide in values; where Hillary Clinton won the popular vote for presidency but Trump won the electoral vote, which ultimately gave him the win.
Let us examine the nature of values, and the nature of living in this dualism and opposing values. I am sure we can agree that our goals and values change as we get older and as our life circumstances evolve. Often the a common goal of being happy, making more money, having a bigger and better house or car; thinking that once we attain these new things, then we will be happy. Very often though, we attain that new object of our desire and the happiness is fleeting.
There is good movie on Netflix now called “happiness”. In the documentary, Author and psychology professor, Tim Kasser gives a wonderful description of intrinsic and extrinsic values. Intrinsic values are for personal growth, healthy personal relationships and helping the world be a better place. Where extrinsic values are for material possessions, status, and self-image. These two sets of values are essentially at odds and his research has shown that people more focused on the extrinsic values tend to show more signs of depression, anxiety, and personal ills.
“The more that people care about materialistic goals, the lower their personal well-being. For example, people whose value/goal system is more focused on money, image and status report lower happiness and life satisfaction, more depression and anxiety, and a variety of other personal ills. Second, the more that people care about materialistic goals, the less pro-socially they tend to behave. For example, materialistic goals are associated with being less empathic and cooperative, and more manipulative and competitive. Third, the more that people care about materialistic goals, the less they care about ecological sustainability and the more their lifestyles tend to have a damaging effect on the planet.”
Part of the human condition is living in this forever dualism and opposition. The drama will evolve a little, but our response to opposition is really the only choice we have. This is actually where real freedom lies, becoming the awareness.
We have choices everyday in the things we buy, the people we spend time with, the work we do, the words we speak, and the thoughts we choose to entertain and believe.
As we look into the vastness of the huge full moon in Taurus, I invite you to take a deep inventory of what you love, and what has meaning for you. Consider what your life says about your values. Look to what enriches you and where you are already wealthy beyond material objects, image, and status.
Even astrology and our environment reflect opposition; the sun is in Scorpio the polarity to this Taurus moon. This past Scorpio season and recent events may have shown us painful parts of the collective that still need healing, or awareness that needs to be brought to it. Possibly parts of our own subconscious have come to the surface for healing. There is always an opportunity to become the awareness, become the wisdom, and to be more conscious. Your consciousness of the present moment is the most powerful undertaking you can offer to humanity; from here we can access the real treasures and timeless values.

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