The Adventure Begins – Saturn in Sagittarius 2015-2017

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The Adventure begins with Saturn in Sagittarius 2014-2017

Saturn will occupy the sign of Sagittarius from December 2014 to June 2015 and then finishes up its transit on December 20, 2017. Saturn takes about 28-29 years to come full cycle. On average Saturn spends about 2 and half years in a sign.

It’s been awhile since I posted an astrology blog. As Saturn was making it’s trip through Scorpio I was in the process of doing deep introspective healing work that I am still recovering from, but I thankfully made it through Saturn’s serious life lessons, more mature, stronger and better off. Saturn was making a square (90’degree angle) to many of my personal planets. Saturn has a way of giving you opportunities to take a look at things, for what they actually are and not what you would like them to be. I once again had the very distinct and personal understanding that until we heal our inner psychology and any emotional traumas that still might be lodged in our consciousness, stressful transits (squares) are more stressful, but also an opportunity for deep transformational healing and change.

Some of the life lessons I came face-to-face with were giving up hope that the past could have been different. I had to dig deep within myself to find forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself, forgiveness to those that I had hoped to be different than who they actually were. I still continue to forgive when the little voice of my ego wants to be angry, but it’s become much easier. What I found on the other side of forgiveness was, being present and feeling at peace. When I am present and in the moment and not in, “what should have been” I am at my best. I am at peace and its as if time has stopped. I know life will continue to give me opportunities to practice this, but I am wiser, more grounded and choose to surround myself with people and relationships that honor my truth. This feels wonderful, far more mature and authentic.

Now that Saturn is officially in Sagittarius until 2017, we start to ask the questions: Where can we have more discipline, and maturity (Saturn) in our beliefs, philosophies and the bigger picture (Sagittarius)?

Specifically Saturn will make aspects to your personal planets and give you different opportunities to fulfill your life lessons and ask these questions in your own unique experience of it (by house, sign and aspects). When we continue to stand in self-love, honesty and integrity these opportunities and lessons become easier.

If your Sun sign is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, this Saturn cycle will have greater impact on you because you will be receiving your Saturn transit in the form of a conjunction, opposition or square (as I described above). There will be major opportunities to change how the structures of your life are set up. Transformations in your personal and/or professional life will be a theme but also plenty of opportunities to form new worthwhile commitments as you let go of unworthy obligations, people or situations.

I am happy to share with you where and how Saturn is active in your chart so you can take advantage of all the positive aspects and minimize the negatives. Contact me for an astrology/coaching session for more insights into your personal astrology. Blessings to you on the new adventure of Saturn in Sagittarius!



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