The Benefits of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2016

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This Mercury retrograde period from April 28th- May 22nd, 2016 is particularly interesting because there are five planets retrograde (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, & Mercury) now. It is slightly rare to have all of these planetary characters retrograde at the same time. The cosmic clock is showing us an important period of time of preparation for a blast of powerful energy after some of these planets go direct late May and June.

There is commonly a negative connotation with Mercury or other planets going retrograde but it happens often, so the last thing we want to do is be fearful or intend frustration for our lives during all these phases of time. Mercury specifically goes retrograde three to four times a years for about 24 days each retro cycle.

The symbolism of Mercury going retrograde can be a time to be more thoughtfully reflective, possibly rethink an area of life, finish projects or decisions we have been putting off and possibly upgrade things linked with communication, technology, or transportation. Commonly astrologers suggest not signing key contracts during these times, as often the contract will have to be renegotiated again at a later date.

As you are probably aware we all need time for rethinking and reflection. This is actually helpful, rewarding and regenerative. This is an excellent time to become crystal clear about plans and projects for the coming days and months ahead.

I always like to remind people that the planets do not have anything against us they are only reflecting a cosmic clock of sequences and opening universal doors on the cosmic clock of when our karma and different energies can be revealed to us. As there are better times of the year to plant seeds than to harvest, times when sleeping more and going inward are appropriate, and other times when being more active and social are more suitable. The cosmic clock of planetary cycles in astrology is reflecting just that, different key stages in our evolutionary development.

Evolutionary astrology takes into account our soul’s mission and karma which is far more helpful than predicting someone’s fate and puts us back in the drivers seat for creating the best possible outcomes.

Karma is the universal law that brings back all the words, thoughts, and actions we have ever said, done or thought, like a boomerang effect. Our karmic bank account is continuously showing us what we reap we sow. Facing our karma can be a complex assignment that takes understanding, honesty, courage and grace! What can be confusing at times is that it is not limited to this lifetime. Our souls carry our karmic backpack from this life and previous lives. When we experience hardships or pain it is not that we are bad or necessary being punished but instead it’s a deep life lesson and another stage of the evolutionary development of our soul.

Learning compassion and grace does not necessary come from winning the lottery or having life handed to us on a silver platter although we can receive positive karma from hard work and good deeds. Deep love and compassion is often learned after a loss or being humbled is some way. There can always be a silver-lining and opportunity for realization in every situation.

I bring the vital point of karma up because with all these planets retrograde this can be a great time to do a karmic cleanse! It’s fascinating to think that even our thoughts are creating karma! Mercury rules communications and how we communicate with others and ourselves. This can be a wonderful to be extra aware of our thoughts and communications!

With this Mercury retro cycle in the sign of Taurus there is a particularly beneficial time the first weeks of May when Mercury is conjunct the Sun and making a grand trine with Jupiter and Pluto. This is an especially wonderful time to review our thoughts and communications with an emphasis on what we value (Taurus). What a perfect time to review our finances, set our financial goals for the months and years ahead. Focusing closely on what we truly value and how valuable we are!

Doing a “judgment thought” cleanse can be helpful in replacing any negative conclusions we have made about others or ourselves with forgiveness, acceptance and new plans for victory and abundance as we clear away any burdens that could be draining us.

Keeping our mind’s eye, on visions of victory and faith that a divine plan is always in play, are helpful reminders now. Keeping a mantra in place, “all is well” can be a helpful remedy in any situation to remain peaceful while practicing grace and success in every situation.
Wishing you many blessing this retrograde cycle!



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