The Power of Crystals

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Although each of us has the infinite power of the universe within the self, we tend to find it easier and are predisposed to accept support from that which is outside of ourselves. Each crystalline structure/form has it’s own individual energy and its own “personality”.

Mineralogical structures which contain more than one mineral possess a melding of the energies of the minerals contained. Each can be used in unique ways to assist one in understanding the multi-faceted nature of existence on the Earth plane.

The consciousness of the planet is leading humanity to the re-discovery of an ancient and forgotten healing art in which the utilization of crystals is prominent. Dis-ease and disorders in ones life usually entails lessons, which will allow one to release burdens of unconsciousness. Although one must ultimately heal oneself, the healing process may be facilitated by the catalytic presence of many things. To experience dis-ease is to experience a total or partial disconnection from wholeness, a loss of awareness of the innate and universal source of perfection. The members of the mineralogical Kingdome have been used for centuries to act as catalysts and to assist one in becoming re-united with that source.” Melody, Author of Love Is In The Earth


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