Uranus Square Pluto…The Revolutionary Years of The Aquarian Age

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Uranus in Aries

With Uranus recently moving into Aries in 2012, new and innovative beginnings for humanity abound. The world has not seen Uranus in Aries since 1927-1935, so while everyone will personally feel the change of Uranus’ entrance into Aries, we will also feel it collectively and on a generational level. With Uranus in Aries we will have more groundbreaking and innovative energies in our lives. Uranus is associated with revolution, upheavals, trauma, and rebellion, which can sound a little intimidating but Uranus is also associated with progress, innovation, genius thoughts and liberation.

Over the next seven to eight years, Uranus will be in Aries; this combination can liberate us from an outdated self-image, break us out of old perceptions that confine us in an identity of being smaller than the life we were born to live. Ideally it awakens, or reawakens, our higher self, our unique gifts and talents. Uranus can give us opportunities to look at our world from a new perspective, to see infinite possibilities rather than being defined by past failures and old ways of being. When Uranus makes a direct aspect to one of our natal or personal planets, it wakes up desires and urges that have been blocked or denied. There is also the potential for unconscious Uranus in Aries energy to look like aggression, violence and war.  Needless to say Uranus in Aries can potentially be an explosive combination as well. Even more reason to wake up & become more conscious!

To get more insight into how Uranus in Aries will shake up your personal world, find the Aries portion of your birth chart. The areas of life represented by that house and sign are where you are being called to free yourself from outgrown versions of self, to wake up and take a courageous step in living in-alignment with your unique qualities, higher-self and greater potential.

Questions Uranus in Aries asks us…

• What thoughts and beliefs belong to the “old me”?
• What is a fresh, new, innovative perspective I can take on an area of my life?
• What new & positive groups can I join to expand my network and consciousness?
• What are my unique qualities that I incorporate to improve my life and/or business?
• Where can I express more courage to be unique and different?
• Is there an area of life I am going with the flow instead of thinking for myself?
• Is there an area of life I am being selfish and could think of everyone (the group)-
and not just me?
• What are my unique gifts, qualities that could help the group & society?
• In what ways am I growing and becoming a stronger & better person for it?
• Where do I blindly close my eyes and ignore what I need?
• What is uniquely beautiful about me that I can embrace and love even more?
• What am I holding on to that is holding me back?

In the bigger picture, Uranus rules humanity, and Uranus in Aries starts a new 84-year cycle in terms of our collective understanding of who we are. So the question becomes: who are we now as a society?  In ways we have reached a crossroads in the collective consciousness as a new cycles begins with Uranus in Aries. In some areas we are now ready to reinvent ourselves as a society that reflects a greater representation of where we have evolved.

PLUTO in Capricorn
Pluto takes approximately 248 years to come full circle. This slow-moving planet’s transits are long-lasting and take time to fully unfold. Transiting Pluto gives us opportunities to evolve, transform and regenerate the areas it is transiting or making aspect to in our individual natal chart. This symbolism tells us what area of life is ready for growth and transformation. Pluto acts to strip away what is unnecessary; whether they are thought processes, lifestyles or relationships. Pluto transits bring about deep and meaningful experiences that ideally evolve our soul into higher states of evolution.


Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries

Uranus square Pluto is the one of the most significant and challenging planetary influence of our generation. There are seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto between 2012 and 2015. We are living through a major generational revolution that we have already started to feel. The last time that Uranus and Pluto were in a square was between 1930-1934, it coincided with the great depression. Roosevelt and Hitler were the two most influential leaders and also opposing forces, World War II broke out. It was a time of a radical shift for our world. Then in the 1960′s Pluto and Uranus were conjunct, another energizing and highly creative aspect. Again the world saw massive change in social and political structures. Needless to say you don’t have to be an astrologer to take a look around and see we are at another pivotal point in history. Given our current state of evolution we will obviously experience the Uranus Pluto cycle according to the times we are in now.

Astrologically speaking the energy of a square can bring lessons around letting go of old patterns, beliefs, cultural truths that were relevant for the times and values that no longer serve as the map through which we can have social meaning. What to think and how to relate becomes a concern as a journey of deconditioning begins. New methods must be given in order for positive progression to continue. We can understand why astrologers would agree that squares are difficult and/or challenging. As humans, letting go of something we are attached to or comfortable with can be painful process, especially if it makes up our identity and who we think are. Yet once we do let go of it…we can find ourselves in a new state of freedom.

With this transit one could see that new methods or new systems will have to be created for the collective to fully operate and be re-established with a new sense of power. Creative tension is formed, as there may be a compulsive temptation to slide back into old patterns of behavior and what is familiar. This tension could also manifests itself because we may not know how to set in motion the new way of operating and being at first. Occupy Wall Street is one example of “creative tension” that started in the United States collective. It would be safe to assume there will be more “creative tension” among the masses as the transformation progressively continues in the years to come.

In general, Pluto in aspect to Uranus has and will promote lessons pertaining to absolute elimination of all emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual attachments that prevent or block growth. The Uranus-Pluto square describes an extended phase of awakenings, creative expression and new surges forward in many necessary aspects of life. If we combine all of these symbols we can start to understand some of the ways we can move through our own personal lessons and the current cycles while being empowered and aware.

If you are you being called to become more empowered, spiritually awakened and liberated while boldly directing and commanding your creative life force into birthing a sane new world, I welcome you to the revolutionary years of the Aquarian Age and Aquarius Rising.

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The lessons & themes for the collective (Society) and individuals as Pluto continues to move through Capricorn
• Lessons of becoming socially responsible as a society & within social structures.
• Lessons of being in power and/or powerless
• Experiencing ramifications of abuse of power
• Learning how to be responsible for ones actions
• Lessons of Self-Discipline and identifying ones goals
• Lessons around emotional responsibility, being mature
• Structural transformation around what is not working and out dated
• Lessons of learning internal security versus being trapped by social functions
• Being deeply reflective
• Creating a new self image that is more independent
• Internalized security
• Learning to not judge negatively the values and beliefs of others
• Lessons of how to motivate and inspire others
• An urge to transform radically inner and outer environments

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