Venus Retrograde March 4th – April 15th 2017

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Hope you are all surviving eclipse season. The recent February 2017 eclipses possibly rocked your boat. Often, eclipses are the universes way of putting us back on course where we needed a little shift, push or pull in a new direction!

Venus retrograde 2017 starts on March 4th at 13° Aries and ends on April 15th at 27° Pisces. The stage before and after the actual Venus retrograde is called the “shadow period” which started January 30th, 2017 at 26° Pisces for this cycle and officially ends May 18th, 2017 after Venus goes direct on April 15th 2017. The initial shadow period is often when we get a clue as to what the themes of the actual retrograde cycle will be about, concerning relationships, money, finances or things we value. After Venus goes direct on April 15th the dust is usually still settling for the post shadow period until May 18th, 2017.

This Venus retrograde is a six-week period that will be sure to offer exciting opportunities around what we value, relationships, money and finances. Our interactions in relationships can feel like they are under a microscope now. This can be a good time to make slow and conscious choices about relationships and spending. Hurried and unconscious decisions in these areas can end in upset once Venus goes direct. If you are already in relationship this can be a great time to enter into couples therapy or review areas of your relationship that are no longer working or could stand an upgrade. Commonly, areas that we thought were all worked out in our relationships, come back up for review.

Starry-eyed connections made during this period that heat up fast can also fizzle out fast once Venus goes direct. It is often better to hold off on making a full commitment to a new relationship during this period and wait until Venus goes direct to be clear about what each of you really wants and truly values. These possible challenges can be signs of fated love or a karma-mate. Self-care, and patience can increase your chance of a loving and lasting relationship once Venus goes direct. This particular Venus retrograde cycle does offer more promising aspects for dating and for relationships, which began before March 4th though.

This is also a time when old friends, people from our past, or old lovers may show up in our lives again. This can be an opportunity to finish-up incomplete business, unresolved issues, reignite an old flame or just enjoy an old friend’s company.

Most astrologers agree that it is generally not great time to start a new relationship, to get married, and not to make any big purchases or significant investments during the Venus retrograde dates. Another possibility is stocks or investments drop or stocks that have not been doing well make a come back or jump up. This can be an excellent time to find deals on antiques, reused items, art or flea market bargains.

The orbit of Venus and the Earth actually make a beautiful heart shaped orb that we see here in the picture. This is beautiful image to hold in your mind’s eye and meditate on. With Venus ruling what we value and ultimately love we are invited to review all areas of life where we can invite more love in. Finding new ways to appreciate every aspect of our lives is sure to bring a boost of energy when Venus goes direct. Venus also makes a conjunction with the sun on her retrograde path going from an evening star to a morning star. This kiss with the sun activates a new recharged Venus. This is a great time to think about where in your life you want to recharge and reactivate heart centered love.

For more clues, look to what house and aspects Venus is making to your natal chart planets. If you have never had your natal chart read before contact me to set up a reading.

Much love to you on this Venus Retro cycle.


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