Visualizing Success

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Once you have defined your dream and what you want, the visualization process beings! This is the part where a lot of people stop in their tracks.  It is easy to get lost in the trying to figure out HOW to make your dream a reality and HOW to make it happen.  Many people quickly give up when negative thoughts and feelings kill the dream before it is even put into action. So check it out! YOU DON’T HAVE TO FIGURE IT OUT!!! That is the job of the Universe! Your job is to have faith, stay positive and to generate good feelings, as if your dreams have already become a reality. This boosts your energetic frequency and your E-motions (energy in motion) and makes you a vibrational match for what you are claiming and attracting into your life! When you feel good, you attract good. This is not to say, you can stay home, be a couch potato and presto your dreams will come true. When you feel good, set your intentions, do your work and the tasks at hand you will start to see synchronicity, and the universe deliver.

For each area of life you would like to improve start to imagine how achieving these goals will change your experience. See yourself at your new job.  Feel what it feels like to go to the ATM and withdraw the cash you need. Smell the fresh flowers you will buy for your home to celebrate all the abundance in your life. Imagine, answering the phone and hearing “we want you! You are hired!”

Make your visualizations as specific and detailed as possible! What is the exact amount of your paycheck? What are you wearing at for your first day of work? What is the weather like? How does it smell in your new home, car or office? How many people work for you or do you work with?

Remember to imagine the outcome as something that is already happening. If you keep your dreams in the future as something that will happen someday, the future is where they can stay.  When you feel the joy and satisfaction of experiencing your dreams coming true NOW, you are applying faith and your intention effectively.



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