The Law of Attraction & Karma

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“If the river flows clearly and cleanly through the proper channels, all will be well along its banks.” Lao Tzu-

 Part One- Law of Attraction 101

You may have heard that, if one wants to attract happiness and abundance into their life, one must be happy and feel abundant. It is a simple formula but many people use excuses of debt, relationships and hardships as to why this formula does not work. It does take applied effort to redirect our thoughts and emotions. Like a moth incessantly drawn to the light bulb, we can also become fixated on our problems. Yet, with a flip of a switch we too can change our mind and ultimately change our lives.

Everything in the universe is Energy, and Energy is influenced by the mind. One of the most astounding experiments of quantum physics in recent scientific discovery is probably the double-slit experiment. It is the experiment that shows the entire universe exists by being experienced. Something only appears as matter when it is being observed. All of existence is essentially an unlimited sea of quantum energy with infinite possibilities waiting to happen. Niels Bohr, one of the most brilliant scientists of the 20th centuries recognized that, “the observer shapes what is observed.”  The observer creates reality simply by observing. From these studies, we can understand how our thoughts and feelings have the very power to shape our reality. And how important it is to monitor our thoughts, feelings, and emotions; to be the master of our mind.


Part 2- KARMA

Often what is left out when discussing the “Law of Attraction” is Karma.  Karma is what causes the entire cycle of cause and effect, in accordance with dharma (as responsibility or integrity). This idea of Karma derives from India’s ancient texts, that there is a divinely created natural order of things. Justice, social harmony and human happiness require that human beings discern and live in a manner appropriate to the requirements of that order. According to the various Indian religions, such as Buddhism, beings that live in accordance with dharma (integrity) proceed more quickly towards personal liberation.

In every moment, energy is flowing to us and in every moment we choose to use it positively or negatively (Cause & Effect). A great indicator of challenging karma or when we are not aligned with our dharma/destiny/integrity, is areas of life we are having negative emotions. Our emotions (E-motions) are energy in motion. When working with the Law of Attraction for our Highest Potential it is essential to have balanced emotions, an acceptance and an understanding of where we are coming from right now in every possible sense and to align with our truth.

Sometimes, we can become frustrated when we are not seeing immediate results around what we are creating for our lives. In some areas of our lives, we still have to balance karma before we are able to receive the fruits of our labor. I will use the collective to illustrate the point of balancing karma. The collective consciousness has been starting to “go green” to be more environmentally conscious, starting to harmonize with the Earth and Mother Nature, starting to create sustainable energy resources etc. Individually, people are recycling more, using electric cars, buying locally and riding bikes when possible. To think that the extreme weather patterns and pollution would immediately be cleaned up since we are now taking some action is unrealistic! We have been depleting the Earth’s resources for 100′s of years. This is our collective Earth Karma. To think that there is not going to be effects, from the world’s previous actions would be foolish. Just as it would be foolish to think in our own personal lives, there is no more room for growth before we achieve our desired goals and destination.

Our ego and e-motions can be very convincing and lead us chasing countless desires and/or wallowing in a pity party while buried under a mountain of thoughts, “what I should have done or what I should do’s,” only to be perpetuating our own self-inflicted pain, suffering and difficult karma.

Here is the great news, we have the choice to get up everyday and balance our karma while causing life to happen in the best possible version of where we are at now in our own journey, which is actually amazing. One of the ways we can repay or balance our negative Karma, is serving others, giving back in some way and having gratitude. So, where do we begin? Wherever you are now, in your process!

When you are present and doing what you love, you are naturally commanding the universe to align with you and putting things into existence.

Part 3- Taking Action

Everyday you take a shower to wipe away the dirt and grime of the day. Would it not make sense to also clean & clear your energy, your E-motions and your Karma?

5 KEYS to working with the LAW of ATTRACTION for your Highest Potential

1. Define your vision. What do you want? Are you aligning with true values & what you truly love?

2. Acceptance and understanding of where you are NOW. Reconditioning the mind/negative thoughts & emotions- Recognizing when your ego is at the root of your suffering.

3. Make commitment to daily ritual of setting intention: Where you are focusing your energy.

4. Having mentors, friends, teachers, a coach that support you & your dreams.

5. Help & serve others that are less fortunate or could benefit from your expertise and gifts


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Check out Dr. Quantum For more details on the double-slit experiment





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