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What can Evolutionary Astrology do for us?
Through natal chart and transit chart analysis we can:

Gain deeper insights to our purpose, talents, values, relationships and healing path.
Learn to see the bigger picture in order to access more awareness in our day to day lives.
Understand our personal growth cycles, to give us more confidence in the path we are meant to lead.
Learn to truly be in sync with the cosmos and our personal mission, through a growing alignment with natural law principles.

As the Pisces age recedes, a new emerging Aquarian Age now brings liberation from the past, a wild and innovative energy accelerating the evolution of the human journey.  Through the birth of new communities and like-minded groups that support individual life purpose as something part of a greater and more meaningful whole. In these changing times, we are experiencing the rise of Aquarius, now stimulating the awakening of a new era! We are all a part of co-creating and living through this massive shift in our lifetime.

I was around 16 years old when I came across my first Astrology book that peaked my interest. This was after growing up in a rigorous religious environment where shame, guilt and hypocrisy fueled a toxic environment. The good news is, this early adolescent experience gave me an urgency to move beyond feeling powerless and fearful. My empowering journey was not an overnight experience but continuing to come back to the mystical language of Astrology connected me with the bigger picture and a healing experience. Observing the cycles of the astrological archetypes with the planets and moon phases let me see and experience beautiful synchronicities firsthand. Instead of feeling like a victim to life circumstances I began to co-create my reality and be in rhythm with the universal energies.

Evolutionary Astrology is a spiritual approach to astrology, which maps and decodes the way a life unfolds for an individual, relative to the evolution of the soul, shedding light on the soul’s journey in this lifetime. Using this ancient science, together with observation and correlation, we gain access to an incredible map with beautiful synchronicities, which can be utilized for deeper understanding of life’s mysteries, and in particular the nature of soul-evolution and our purpose in this life.

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