Astrology gives us more self-awareness, a road map to see synchronicity, to make sense of what seems like chaos. The universal energy is always available to help us. When we are in alignment, life begins to unfold with more joy and awareness.

I will continue to share with you how the heavens can guide us, help us see the bigger picture while staying grounded on planet earth.

I hope you join me in this conversation through my blogs and video posts. I will always encourage you to make your own choices.

Energetic forecasts can give us more confidence and a rich understanding of life. I intend to make this experience fun because laughing is often the best medicine.

I offer astrology and coaching sessions that give clients deeper insights into their purpose and tools for empowerment.

I always want the person I am reading for to feel like they are in the driver’s seat. Often when we start talking about astrology it is easy to feel as life is happening to us. Although we cannot completely control how life shows up for us we can keep choosing how we respond and this is how we can make it conscious astrology for the dawning of a new era.

Aquarius Rising is about the times we are living in. As the Pisces Age is ending, a New Age is being born. Aquarius is liberating, wild, innovative, experimental, it is about coming together as the collective and so much more I will continue to share here.

I have been studying the soft science and poetic language of astrology for over twenty years. I have had amazing teachers that I will continue to quote. Jeffrey Wolf Green, Author of Pluto I & II ~ The evolutionary journey of the soul,  was the first astrology certification course I embarked on in 1997 while living in Portland OR. I counited my studies with Jeff through the early 2000s in Laguna Beach, California. I have gone on to learn from several amazing teachers and astrologers but the foundation of my work incorporates empowering tools for the soul's journey.

I see us all waking up to this new era. Let us inspire each other to be more conscious and connected on this journey together.

Readings offer:

  • A better understanding of your unique star map, your personality traits, talents, lessons, and a deeper understanding of your purpose.
  • A forecast for the energetic themes life is presenting you
  • Tips and tools for being the creative designer of your life

Do you want to learn Astrology?

  • Online course coming soon


30 Minutes $70 USD
60 Minutes $130 USD
90 Minutes $175 USD

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Jennifer Day

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If you are looking for insights and tools to navigate more powerfully in the dawning of a new era, you are in the right place. I would love to work with you. Having an astrology consultation can be an incredibly helpful tool to navigate through these times. Email me today to set up a consultation and sign up for our newsletter for ongoing cosmic insights.


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