Another shift for humanity – Pluto in Aquarius

Another big shift and a new cycle is underway for everyone. The planet Pluto will be moving into a new territory of the zodiac, Aquarius! Pluto’s Orbit around the sun is approximately 250 years, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was between 1778-1798, this was another revolutionarily period. To say this is a big shift is somewhat of an understatement if you consider Saturn’s orbit around the sun is every 29 years. We can live through a few Saturn return cycles in our lifetime but this particular ingress of Pluto into Aquarius is once in a generation experience and a broad-stroke of what we will be experiencing in the collective consciousness next.

Pluto has been in Capricorn for the last 14 years. Let’s review when Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 we saw one of the worst financial crises in America. The last 14 year cycle of Pluto in Capricorn we have witnessed dramatic changes of leaders, rules, regulations and the constructs of society (Capricorn). The old systems have been crumbling that are no longer serving the whole. Corruption has continued to be unveiled. Pluto will continue to demand transparency in our leaders. As the planet Pluto (ruler of scorpio) was traveling through Capricorn we have seen anything that was swept under the rug or was not transparent in a societal nature (Capricorn) has been brought back up to be examined for clean up and hopefully upgraded for improved change!

Now as Pluto enters Aquarius, social structures will come to the forefront, and we will seek major reform. Dramatic changes are possible with friends, communities and networks. During this long-term cycle, we are likely to confront issues of control and power related to individuality, equality, and our communities. We can be on a quest to distinguish our unique gifts, anything scientific and our innovative nature. We will be invited to examine our social networks and communities; likely there will be breakdown and rebuilding of the new global community as Pluto voyages into Aquarius for the next twenty years. It’s a time when we seek to change and overhaul society through science, technology, inventions, and revolutionary energy.

Pluto will dip into the sign Aquarius March 23rd 2023 and be at 0° Aquarius for three months, then retrograde back into Capricorn from June 11th, 2023 to January 21st, 2024. When Pluto was in Aquarius 1778-1798, there was a massive shift in power, technology and society as a whole.

While Pluto makes an appearance in Aquarius in 2023, it won’t be consistently in the sign until late 2024. Once Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024 it will spend the next 20 year cycle of Pluto through Aquarius and it will surely be a revolutionary period that is starting to kick off this year.

There’s another big cycle in 2023: Saturn will be leaving Aquarius after three years and entering Pisces for a new three year cycle.

Let us also reflect on some big themes we saw as Saturn made its way through Aquarius for the past few years. We had many lessons and opportunities of putting society’s needs first in an attempt to combat Covid-19. As we practiced social-distancing, we had to learn to work with others and be responsible for the wellbeing of our communities often before our individual desires. This took fortitude, innovative restructuring and patience especially in the midst of fear, corruption, and sadness as we witnessed much sickness and death. We also saw leaps and bounds in science, technology, space travel, AI, and global communications. In many ways Saturn’s journey through Aquarius was laying a foundation for Pluto now entering Aquarius.

Now Saturn sets its sail to move into Pisces! Saturn in Pisces March 7th 2023 – May 24th 2025

This is another significant ‘change of guards’ ; another energetic shifts. Saturn represents the structures, systems, leaders, as well as the work and determination to reach our goals. Pisces and Neptune energy on the other hand is very non linear, imaginative and more fluid. Once Saturn moves into the watery, dreamy landscape of Pisces we can expect uncertainty in leadership roles and societal structures. Saturn in Pisces can be a time when the “underdog” comes to the forefront to shine or a more humble candidate wins the race. This is another sign that suggests an ending of an old way of operating, a time to let go and simplify. Being comfortable with moving into unknown territory will serve us while Saturn transits in Pisces. If you have any personal planets in early degrees of mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini) you will feel the effects of Saturn moving into Pisces in 2023!

This can also be a wonderful time for self reflection, meditation, healing practices, this can also be an excellent time to work on art, music and creative endeavors in general. Because Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn for the final lap of a long journey once Saturn has moved into Pisces, this will be a good time for reflection, release of the past, processing grief of the long strange journey it’s been while continuing to find our way in the new world that is emerging.

Acceptance, forgiveness, and embracing a more global community that includes all, will be the themes. You do not need to be an astrologer to recognize the global economic and environmental crises we face, but 2023 will bring more opportunities to accelerate our evolution, define our individual role in the awakening of a new global experience and world community we are a part of.

Adjusting our lifestyles with continuing changes in leadership, structures, rules and regulations will likely be necessary. It can be a year of personal integration as we adjust our sails to the changing tides.

 Other significant astrology to look at in the future

Mars in Gemini goes direct January 11th 2023 — this will mark momentum in
moving forward and taking action in many areas of life we have been rethinking in the past months. Continued changes in the automative industry.

Jupiter moves into Taurus May 16th 2023 – More changes in the economy

Venus will be retrograde in Leo from July 23rd 2023 – September 5th 2023 –  A passionate time to reclaim our creative direction, potential breakthroughs after breakdowns.

Mercury Rx in Earth signs 2023 -Mercury will be in retrograde in Earth sings during the following ranges of dates:  Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 18, 2023 – in Capricorn. April 21 – May 14 in Taurus. August 23 – September 15 in Virgo – Earth signs Mercury Rx: A more conservative approach; rethinking in practical ways for sustainability.

The nodes will move in Aries/Libra on July 12th 2023 for a new 18 month cycle – Balancing our individual needs within relationships and alliances. 


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3. Planets in Transit, by Robert Hand 

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