Full Moon 10° Pisces September 1st, 2020 10:21 pm PDT

Artist: Irie.Wata

You may have to look for it, take time to notice it, and even be committed to creating a new path within the mess of it all but when we let our imagination lead… possibilities transpire.

As the ocean tides become stronger under the gravitational pull of a full moon, we too can have stronger emotions and feelings under the influence of a full moon.
Pisces is also a water sign; Notice if the emotional currents pull you more today, see if you can let your imagination lead you to somewhere peaceful and healing for your soul. Tune out the noise and tune into the present moment, soak in this soothing balm. 

In the culmination of the full moon release any feelings, situations that are no longer serving you. As you cut away the old, step into a new elevated version of you. 
Full moons can illuminate light into dark areas of life we were not aware of or did not see before. Because Neptune and Pisces are linked to the unknown there could be more disclosures around things that have been hidden or secretive. 

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and carries divine energy with it. Life is but a dream in the realm of Pisces.

Compassion, forgiveness, and the ethereal realms are some of the gifts Pisces brings in. 

The Grand Trine between Sun in Virgo; Uranus in Taurus; & Jupiter in Capricorn gives us a boost of practical earth energy to manifest our dream into reality now. 
Pluto and Saturn oppose Venus could bring up the intensity in relationships; avoid power plays, jealous tactics could backfire now. 
The major meeting of PLUTO JUPITER and SATURN in Capricorn this year is still rocking our word and with Mars in its home sign of ARIES squaring these major players the intensity is not turning down but heating up into October and November. Keep tuning into your point of power and peace daily as we make our way through 2020. ~ Jennifer Day

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