Listen, Learn & Commit to Action

FULL MOON at  15° Sagittarius partial lunar eclipse 6/5/20

The progression of a total lunar eclipse. Credit: Celso/Unsplash

Mutable -Yang -Fire

In support of the uprising that is happening across the world, I am taking time to LISTEN, LEARN, AND COMMIT TO ACTION.  The Black Lives Matter Movement is sweeping the world and this is one of the messages being delivered. 

Even though I consider myself a teacher, I am also a student of life, an observer and this is a learning phase. 

The stars are also very much reflecting the symbolism to LISTEN, LEARN, REFLECT, & REVIEW. 

Astrologers have been saying for years, 2020 was a game-changer, a redistribution of power like we have never seen, a dying of a system, and a rebuild of a new system. 
Here we are. It is only June, we have just begun the contractions in giving birth to a new paradigm, and the Age of Aquarius. Change is a-brewing. 

Review of the last astrology report:

PLUTO retrograde – Reviewing our purpose – soul work 

SATURN retrograde – Reviewing our systems and structures 

JUPITER retrograde  – Reviewing our beliefs 

VENUS retrograde – Reviewing our values and relationships 

Relevant?  Keep going. Evolution is ongoing. 

These are the upcoming dates to be aware of, integrate, be curious, and process.

We usually have two eclipses we are having three in the next 30-day cycle. More signs of the times of the intensity. Eclipses bring to light things we have not seen before, often more information is revealed to us. Surprising situations create more opportunities to reflect. “What just happened?” Take time to integrate, learn, have healthy discussions, and go within to do your work, around these dates especially. 

Reminder: Astrology does not predict the future… only gives us clues for the energy and the archetypes (signs, houses, planets) being expressed. 

Eclipses activate major weather. Metaphorically, there will be storms in the physical, mental, and emotional world. Eclipses are “major markers” for endings and beginnings of cycles.

These are snippets of the archetypal energies:

June 5, 2020, Lunar Eclipse 15° Sagittarius

Letting go (full moon) of stagnated beliefs (Jupiter/Sagittarius). Re-committing to unlearning and learning. 

June 21, 2020, Total Solar Eclipse – Solstice point 0° Cancer 

Taking responsibility for our emotional life (Cancer). Feel the feelings, the process to set a new intention for your life and the world. 

July 4th, 2020 Lunar Eclipse 13° Capricorn 

Letting go (full moon) of outmoded systems & structures (Capricorn/Saturn) that no longer serve us. 

Take time to breathe deeply. The pandemic and now the message sweeping the world “I can’t breath!” The repeated messages; we need to take particular care of our breath. In Chinese Medicine, the lungs relate to where we store grief on an emotional level. The world is grieving, doing “breath-work” that resonates with you is a good idea. Also, consider when a woman gives birth, often she takes Lamaze classes to help her breathe through the pain and the process of giving birth. We are all giving birth now. The powerful practice of breathwork gives us access to wellbeing and our center in order to push. Keep your immune systems strong and keep being the change you want to see in the world by taking care of yourself! The world needs our strength more than ever. 
~Jennifer Day

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