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Artist: Amanda Tidstrand

NEW MOON at  2° GEMINI 5/22/20

Mutable -Yang -Air

Mercury rules Gemini & the left brain (Analytical & Methodical) 

Right Brian (Creative & Intuitive) Sagittarius 

The archetype of Gemini is the information gatherer, curious, and often good at several different things. Gemini can even be a master at a couple of things. Communication, speaking, writing, and organizing data are ways Gemini shines.

Once Gemini gathers a great deal of information there is an implosion to process and throw off the unnecessary information it just spent so much time gathering in-order to refine the data.

Gemini is great at finding the weakest link and exposing it. Gemini is also learning when to stop gathering information and trust the intuitive process (Sagittarius). Put the book down and just speak it, set the sheet music aside, and play the song with feeling and intuition.

Gemini has been called the trickster but in many ancient cultures, humor gave us new perspectives and ways of looking at something that led to empowerment.

“Fake news” will likely continue to hit the airways but if we look at the big picture and understand the Gemini / Sagittarius archetype we can understand this phenomenon better. 

Gemini teaches us the relativity of truth. Someone’s truth may not be your truth. Gemini is able to try on many different perspectives but can also throw off perspectives that do not fit its personal reality.

There are roughly 4200 documented religions around the world. That is a lot of different points of view around what to believe! Gemini/Sagittarius

New information is coming to the forefront and very much the theme for the next moon cycle but also an on-going theme because the moon’s nodes have moved into Gemini and Sagittarius for the next 18 months. Being curious is healthy, but keep checking in; how you are feeling? Check sources, and facts. Also being intentional about, why are you following the curiosity and continuing to ask: Is this helping my current situation?

Often things are not black and white. Shades of gray have a lot to teach us now.

We have several planets in mutable signs now, this is about learning to be flexible. In other words, make the plans but be open that they may change. If you are very fixed in nature you may have to stretch yourself to be more flexible (mutable) now.

As evolution proceeds, we will all come up against information that doesn’t fit into our current point of view. This can produce shocks but hopefully, it also produces growth and necessary evolution for a whole new way… we are all creating.

If we look at the big picture, an old system is dying and a new one is emerging. We will all likely come up against new information that shocks us and does not fit into our current view. Within the next moon cycle, we also have Venus Square Neptune, this can produce fantasy, disillusionment, or situations that are “too good to be true.”  Another reason to proceed with caution, review, review, review, and take it slow.

In this review period: Renewing our values (Venus), beliefs (Jupiter), structures (Saturn), and purpose (Pluto). Continuing to tune inward is an access point of faith and a balancing of the left and right brain. (GEMINI – SAGITTARIUS)

Peace! Jennifer Day~

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

May 14th-September 12th, 2020

Reviewing what we believe & possibly re-looking at missed opportunities

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius & Capricorn

May 11- September 29th, 2020

Reviewing and rebuilding structures and systems

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

April 26th – October 5th, 2020

Reviewing our purpose and deep soul work

Venus Retrograde in Gemini

May 13th – June 24th, 2020

Sabian Symbol 2° Gemini

Santa Claus furtively filling stockings Hanging in front of the fireplace. KEYNOTE – A rewarded faith in spiritual blessings.

“The popular allegory refers to the spiritual blessings which come to the “pure in heart,” whose consciousness is likened to that of a little child. Polarized by eager expectation and faith in the existence of celestial Powers by eager expectations and faith in the existence of celestial Powers, the pure consciousness as yet unsolicited by ego and rationalist arguments experiences the concrete manifestation of what it had imagined.

In order to discover the wonders of the normally unconscious depths of the collective psyche, the individual has to build the proper kind of vehicle (a glass-bottomed boat); but the reception of new blessings from the spiritual realm above (the superconscious) requires mostly faith and purity of heart, and a common type of understanding (stockings)- thus a state of INNOCENCE.” ~ Dane Rudhyar An Astrological Mandala

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