Featured Artist: Donal James Boyd

A New Moon in Leo on August 18th at 7:41 pm PT

What are you incredibly passionate about? What new creation is brewing?

A burning desire is the fuel for creation. When the fire ignites, a design takes flight.

This Leo New Moon is a fiery opportunity to tune into your creative urge.

The royal lion is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and courage but needs to find the path of expression for the greater good. When we come from love, compassion, and appreciation we operate at a higher frequency that radiates and ripples out.

We experience divine creation when we love ourselves and our life. If you are struggling to find your way back to love, appreciation, and the inspiration of creation… start with something small and watch the small acts of appreciation build momentum over the next thirty days.

2020 has proven to be the end of an old way of living as we have known it. A new way of operating is necessary for the wellbeing of Planet Earth and to live as a whole.

Within the division, within the chaos, within the endings and destruction…plant your seed of passion, gratitude, and strength. Let your creative light feed this precious seed. ~Jennifer Day

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