June 20th-21st 2020, the new moon at 0° Cancer will be exact at 11:40 pm PDT June 20th and 6:41 am GMT June 21st. This new moon is also a solar eclipse! An important date for meditation and visualizing what you want to create for your life and the world! Confronting our shadow can bring awareness that allows wisdom to shine even brighter in our lives.

We are at a pivotal point in the journey.

Having a solar eclipse on the summer solstice is potent for manifesting our dreams. Events that happen on and around eclipses set up the themes for the next six months. Being particularly intentional on this summer solstice can be powerful if we access this precious opportunity. Using this time for mediation and visualization is powerful.

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Set your intentions and dream your dream into reality. Creatively design a life you love.

The new moon at 0°Cancer can bring attention to matters in the home, our inner child, family, our emotional life, security, and creating new traditions around love and compassion. (Cancer/Capricorn)

Where 0* Cancer falls in your birth chart will show you more in-depth themes for you. (free natal chart available here)

Mercury officially retrogrades on June 18th, 2020 at 14° Cancer. This will bring up issues to review around communications with ourselves (self-talk) and others, travel, agreements around the home, security, family, and emotional life. Reviewing agreements around family and emotional issues can definitely be a theme. Maybe it is time to reorganize the home or get to the root of an old story that is no longer true for you.

Processing our feelings lets us access the depths of our emotions. Let it be a point of power for you. Anger, grief, frustration, guilt, and shame can be helpful teachers as long as we take time to process, learn, and heal. The lungs and our breath are related to grief. Grief can be the seed of wisdom and often a gateway to higher levels of consciousness and even let us access messages from our soul.

When we explore the shadow side with awareness, the light within us can elevate us to a new perspective.

We all have an inner child (Cancer) Where has your inner child been wounded? In what areas of life is it time to let you as the adult take responsibility more? Or maybe there is an opportunity to be more compassionate and nurturing with yourself and others? CANCER NEW MOON will shine a light and reveal a shadow to face.

Astrology only gives us a forecast of the archetypes; the level of our consciousness is the frequency it plays out at. This is a time to activate love so the resistance to what needs to change happens as peacefully as possible.

If you have planets (within your natal chart) within 5‚° of 0° in Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) Or if you have planets 25*- 29* of mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo)  you will notice this solar eclipse more. The theme of endings and beginnings could be more dramatic.

We still have Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus Retrograde now

Mercury and Neptune about to go retrograde June 18th & June 23rd, 2020

Plus one more lunar eclipse coming up July 4th in Capricorn.

We still have work to do and there is likely more shocking information that will continue to hit the airways.

The greatest opportunity about all these retrograde planets is we have an opportunity to review at a deeper level of understanding. Information revealed now allows for a better understanding and analysis, to create something new and improved.

Feel your feelings… this allows for an awakening and a shift, its time for growth, and evolution!

When these planets go direct we will be operating at a new level of consciousness in our lives. We are in an incubation period for letting go of what is no longer working in our lives and preparing for a new vision for our life and the world we are creating.

THE AGE OF AQUARIUS is about the community and coming together collectively. The beginning of the year set us up for an extraordinary shift with the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn. The timing of this symbolism is for outmoded systems to be transformed into a new era.

The patriarchal system as we have to know it, corruption in governments and corporations, out of date systems that are no longer working are in the process of a breakdown, to be cleaned up, transformed, and rebuilt.

You can see this across the world that many governments are not running smoothly. Evolution is necessary and ongoing; dishonesty is being revealed so changes can be made.

The second Pluto/Jupiter conjunction of three conjunctions happening this year will be exact the last week of June 2020.

The symbolism for transforming our world view, and our beliefs, this symbolism can also show an abuse of power, where we have abused natural law and must come back in alignment with natural laws.

In many ways, we are preparing for the conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn at 0° Aquarius in December 2020. Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0° Aquarius is a powerful new cycle.

A Jupiter and Saturn conjunction happens every twenty years and is the beginning of a new twenty-year cycle that brings a “new expanded point of view.” we are ushering in a new twenty-year cycle kicking off in December officially.

If you think back to 2000 – This was when we had the last Saturn and Jupiter conjunction – It was in the earth sign Taurus; this was also a pivotal new twenty-year setup.

This particular Saturn conjunct Jupiter in December 2020 will be in an air sign Aquarius and is kicking off a new 600-year-cycle of being in the air signs!

Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces, June 23rd, 2020 – Review of our ideals, spirituality, and dreams

Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn on June 29th the 2nd conjunction of 3 conjunctions in 2020. Transformation of beliefs, traditions, and realignment with natural law. November 12th, 2020 will be the next conjunction.

Venus goes direct June 24th. Hopefully, you had some breakthroughs after some possible breakdowns while reviewing values & relationships. Venus going direct is time to put your new insights around values into action.

Astronomy to watch for:





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