The Super Full Moon in Scorpio at 17° May 7th, 2020

Artist: Amanda Tidstrand

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

 “No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein

With a full Super Moon in Scorpio on May 7th, we could likely have a deeply emotional experience with an evolutionary intention of insights, possibly experiences that could shift our physiology. Scorpio is the symbol of transformation for the planet Pluto rules Scorpio. Scorpio asks why? Why? Why? Why? Sometimes the rug can be pulled out from under our feet that initiates a big shift in our lives. Being the great detective Scorpio is, we can get to the bottom of line of what is working and what is not! Deep emotional experiences can offer realizations and possibly a higher road to a more empowered way of operating in our lives.

The super full moon, May 7th will make a trine to Neptune, another beautiful opportunity to activate and deepen our spiritual life. We are still in a cycle of deep inward reflection. Asking questions and journaling is a perfect way to make the most of these energies. Link to full post: How are you feeling? What are you creating?

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus all going Retrograde in May!! This is definitely a time to go within and review more! Yes, more! (Pluto already went Rx on April 26th)

Venus Retrograde in Gemini May 12th – June 24th, 2020 Reviews around communications, travel, and what we value within our relationships. Let’s keep trying on empowering perspectives! MORE INFO HERE>

The amazing soft science of Astrology gives us insights into the energetic patterns we are living in. Astrologers have been talking about 2020 for many years, as this transformative, and unprecedented year. The dying of an old system and a rebirth of a new system. Astrology cannot predict the exact future events, but it can give us clues for what the energies will be.

When discussing astrology for 2020 we must start with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction that happened January 12th, 2020. This is the broad brushstroke of the year’s energy.  Some of the last times we’ve had a Pluto/ Saturn conjunction in history, was World War I, The Cold War, and other cataclysmic times in history when we saw a huge death and rebirth in the status-quo and systems of operation.  Here we are in 2020 with a very similar, but different energy since it is 2020. We are also having three Pluto conjunct Jupiter hits this year.  We have already had one exact conjunction in April and we are going to have two more, one in June (When Jupiter & Pluto are Rx) and again in November.  Significant Astrological Signatures gives more information on the year’s overview.

Creating ways to be self-sufficient while continuing to review, what is no longer going to work and what needs to be changed? The full moon in Scorpio and all these planets going retrograde is another sign to review while coming up with empowering ways of operation that sustain planet Earth, our communities, and life.

The nodal access is moving into a Gemini and Sagittarius the first week of May, this is another big energetic shift as the nodal axis is moving from Capricorn/Cancer into Gemini/Sagittarius for the next eighteen months.  As the nodes move from a Cardinal, Water & Earth energy to Mutable, Air & Fire energy we will likely notice a big shift.  What house in your astrology do Gemini and Sagittarius fall into? This will give you more information for areas of life that are likely shifting for you. Use the free Astrology tab to look up your chart.

If you have never had an astrological reading, this is a wonderful way to gain more insights and awareness into your unique star map. Also, when and how the astrological cycles present different energic shifts in our life. It is not that the planets rule us but they are part of the big picture and can forecast energies we want to be aware of. We all must do our part of stepping into the highest possible frequency we want to emit.

We are all emerging into a new state of consciousness and awareness, let’s make it good!

~Jennifer Day

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