The revolution has only just begun. Aquarius is the archetype of innovation, science, technology and electricity to name a few of the key themes. Where you have Aquarius and Uranus in your natal chart can show where you beat to your own unique drum of innovation and uniqueness. 

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, also relates to the phenomenon of astrology. The study and popularly of astrology will likely continue to gain momentum and respect in the years to come, also because of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that kicked off a grand new cycle in Aquarius on December 21st, 2020. Astrology in many ways is in its own category, as it is not technically classified as Science or Religion. It is a study of time cycles, archetypes and their manifestations. If we look back in history we can see the undeniable parallels of the planetary cycles and can learn from these events while being more prepared for the future. When we tune into the planetary archetypes and cycles we can have a better understanding of ourselves, the timing of cycles and the magnificent big picture of synchronicity. 

The major planetary cycle of 2021 is Saturn in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus
Exact dates:

February 17th, 2021, June 14th, 2021 and
December 24th 2021

Key phrases for Saturn Square Uranus are tensions between the old (Saturn) and the New (Uranus); these tensions can also produce upgrades in our lives where we liberate ourselves from outmoded structures. Because Uranus is the slower moving planet it will be the more powerful planetary energy in the sense Uranus will continue to revolutionize the system! The battle between control (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus) will be a theme. Because it is a square there is a feeling of “a crisis in consciousness” between the old and the new. 

 A continued revolution of the old system and how it is working is now underway. We can also see there is a new guard at the gate and the old rules do not necessary apply or work anymore. The most recent Saturn Square Uranus transit was in 2000 where we saw the internet and stock market go though another revolutionizing period.

A change of currency and the continued rally around crypto currency is also likely. Seems too soon to know which crypto will stand the test of time though. 

The tension between Earth (Taurus) and Air (Aquarius) will manifest as a continued tension between sustainability and the crisis around the health of our planet. Global warming, pollution and all things air will be up for liberation and change; the testing of new sustainable systems will be the theme and challenge. 

Pluto still has three years left transiting through Capricorn before Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023-2024. We will see the continued uncovering of corruption where Pluto will continue to transform the system (Pluto in Capricorn). When there is not transparency or integrity there will be continued crumbling of the outmoded structures that are due for change.

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