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I would love to work with you and help you navigate current life opportunities, relationships, or have personal inquiry to uncover more about your purpose and life path. I am passionate about the coaching I do with clients, while incorporating their astrology for more in depth insights.

Looking at the natal astrology chart and upcoming transits can open us up to a powerful new dimension of possibility and understanding. 
The lens of Evolutionary Astrology offers a liberating new perspective that in turn enables us to become more consciously aware of who we are in a given moment, and with this new awareness we can more actively design a life we love.
Sessions are aimed at self inquiry, where you are encouraged to be an active participant in the process.
Your current concerns, experiences and questions are welcomed. Sessions can focus on personal issues, or relationship compatibility (can include romantic, family, or work relationships) Initial sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes.


I have been actively involved in the healing arts industry for over twenty five years and have been working with clients to facilitate creative, healing and empowering capacities throughout that time. I began studying astrology in my teen years and took it more seriously in 1997, when I started studying with Jeffrey Wolf Green, author of “Pluto the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul”. I have since completed the certification and training program through the Evolutionary Astrology Network. I am also a certified life coach through CTI, Institute of Coaching.

Working from a foundation in coaching and wellness, I always encourage clients to remain in the driver's seat of their own discovery process, empowered with the recognition that every individual is their own healing source.

Evolutionary Astrology readings offer a spiritual perspective on our life that can give practical guidance on our vocation, relationships and ultimate values. Your astrology chart can show life patterns, gifts, potential trauma from the past that helps shine a light on why things are playing out the way they are in this life. Clients are invited to have an inquiry and reflect upon the interpretations and choose to implement the recommendations, if they wish. Astrology charts reflect a potential of possibilities and like all therapies and counseling sessions the potentials discussed are not guaranteed.

Contact me with further questions or if there is a time/date you need that is not available on the Appointment Scheduler.

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If you are looking for insights and tools to navigate more powerfully in the dawning of a new era, you are in the right place. I would love to work with you. Having an astrology consultation can be an incredibly helpful tool to navigate through these times. Email me today to set up a consultation and sign up for our newsletter for ongoing cosmic insights.


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